Where To Start When Re-Vamping Your Style.

So a problem for most people when venturing into new things is knowing where to start. Boosting your style is no exception.  When starting from scratch, it's good to know the basics.  So here are the things I would say are staples for my wardrobe.


1. A white & black button up.  It is the easiest way to look like you tried.  I also favor a rolled, short sleeved smart shirt.  You throw on a button up and some dark jeans and "wallah", ready to go out. Never underestimate the power of a button up my friends…never.  

2. Dark wash jeans. To me, they are the best type of wash for everyone. Period. I personally am not a fan acid wash anything, so I stick with my darks. A good pair of dark washed fitted jeans should always be in your closet.

3. Sunglasses.  Whether you're recovering from last night or trying to look more mysterious than you actually are, glasses do the trick. Invest in a good pair.

4. Casual oxfords.  A fresh pair of gray suede or brown leather oxfords touch my soul in a special way. They’re casual or super dressy and just so necessary. Try it out and experience the magic.

5. Leather jacket. If it wasn't cool, it wouldn't have remained so relevant through the years. It is the one thing you can instantly wear and become cooler. And I would argue this may be a scientific fact.

So friends, this is what I would say are great starting points. They might not be for everyone, but I think they should be.

Until next time,