Weekend Vacation Essentials

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Friends, am I the only one who once a week feels desperately in need of a vacation? I am currently in my last semester of grad school, trying to balance work and a social life. Often my time seems pulled all over the place.  Even though I am tempted to bore you with my various woes, I thought a better use of this post and your time would to break down my weekend getaway essentials.  Let me start by saying, I love a weekend trip.  It can be a wild weekend or a calm beach retreat, it’s all good with me.  

1.  Weekend Bag-  Let me explain why you need one.  You don’t want to be the person who brought your industrial-sized luggage for a beach weekend.  A good leather bag can also serve as a quality carry-on, making it even more pracitcal.  So unless you want to tote around your wheeled luggage all weekend, invest.

2.  Sunglasses-  I have become a true Californian, and by that I mean that I have become overly dependent on my sunglasses.  If it is before 6pm and I am outside, I have on sunglasses or I am dramatically exclaiming why I need them.  I love them because they conceal a long weekend, shield your eyes from the sun, and boost an outfit.

3.  HeadphonesLet’s be real, your friend's voices get old real fast after multiple hours of being confined in a car.  To make it through the weekend without going off on them for humming that song one too many times, bring the headphones.

4.  Magazines, Books, & Audiobooks-  As I said earlier, I am trudging my way through grad school, and to be honest, I read so much for school that it’s rare you’ll see me reading anything else. But for all of you who still can read for leisure, a book or magazine is essential.  For the rest of us, go the audiobook route.

5.  Drank- For all my legal travelers, sometimes all you need to get by is not your friends, it’s a drink.  So if you prefer a classy experience with wine, or a hazy one with malt liquor, have a ball.  If malt liquor is your preference, I am currently judging you.  Thank you for reading, and please do better.

Again, these are just my recommendations, so utilize at your own discretion.  But let me just say, all my vacations are fun.

Until next time.