Letting It Go: Style Edition


One of the hardest things about building an upgraded wardrobe (other than affording it) is getting rid of old things to make space for your new and improved items.  Almost everyone has that drawer or section in their closet filled with things that, for whatever reason, hold nostalgic value but actually need to be given or thrown away. Those clothes that if anyone was to associate your style with them, would make you embarrassed.  Those stained, frayed-at-the bottom jeans that only fit you in high school.  That pair of shoes that years later you’ve realized are horrid, but they cost you too much to just give away. Those things.

Back in my dark days, I had a pair of True Religion jeans that I wore maybe 10 times, and they cost me way too much. Probably by the 7th wear, I realized I hated them and they didn’t fit, but they cost too much for me to just give them to Goodwill.  After years of ignoring them, I put a box together of clothes that needed to be given away, and those jeans easily made the cut. Coincidentally, my car was broken in to that same week, and those jeans were stolen from the box.  So to the thief who’s probably wearing those terrible jeans now, I hope they look worse on you than they did on me. I'm 100% sure you’re effectively achieving that outcome.

To me, the worst situation to be in, style wise, is realizing all of your clothes are dirty and the only clean things are the items left in that dreaded nostalgia drawer. Then you spend the majority of your mental energy trying to make these terrible items work.  And to be honest, these things rarely integrate well.  Now you have just spent your whole day stressing out because you know what you’re wearing is rough.  I'm telling you, you can just eliminate this whole experience by giving that stuff away. My general take is if you don’t feel enthused to wear it, don’t. 

Until next time,