breaking down "the hipster"


So unless you’re living in a weird, technology forbidden, landlocked Amish community, you’ve probably heard the term “Hipster”.  I classify the hipster style (apologies if this is too limited) with a person who wears what they want, regardless of how it should be worn, and somehow makes it work.  That person who when you’re standing next to them, you kind of wish they’d gone for something than their wolf sweater, but somehow it works for them. That person. 

hipster 2.jpg

As much as people hate on how they act, dress, and sometimes smell (sorry), there’s something that’s appealing enough about a hipster that makes so many aspire to dress like one. I think it’s possible to take elements of the hipster look and apply it to your style without venturing into poser territory.  So grow out your patchy beard,  cuz here we go. Feel free to join in too ladies.

Honestly there are no strict rules for this style, but again the thought is don’t take yourself too seriously.  Be quirky, make a statement, be weird, but make sure the outfit works all-together. I think cool hats, patterned shorts, distressed oxfords, and circular glasses can all help you get the look.

hipster 1.jpg

To all my future Coachella attendees, take this as encouragement to wear whatever you want regardless of if it makes sense or matches.  What also seems to be pretty cool is letting your clothes hang however they want to.  This is the one time your clothes can be non-restricting, loose and light.  Patterns can clash. Accessories don’t have to make sense. So if you’re feeling the Aztec tribal shirt with the plaid shorts and the derby hat, go for it.

At the end of the day, you wear what makes you feel good and you don’t really have to think too much about it.  So I say don’t over think it, and my personal preference would to be for you to keep your shoes on. Personal gripe, I know, but I just have never been a fan.