the one time it's ok to be basic.


I think it was the first month of my freshman year in college when I realized I hated everything I brought to school to wear.  I had just graduated from private school, where I was forced to wear polos and khakis.  These restrictions coupled by the fact that I didn't buy clothes that fit had me looking very… creative and unique.  Realizing I looked so creative and unique, I knew it was time for a closet re-do.   I then spent all of the money that my parents sent me for food to afford the new wardrobe I knew I needed.  Here’s the problem; My 18 year old self thought it was imperative that I purchased everything I felt was “California-esque”.  This included every color variation of a flannel shirt, neon colored hoodies, and countless pairs of vans. 

Though these clothes were fun and eye-catching, most of them were not at all practical for me, hence why I probably wouldn't wear any of those things now.  So, when people ask me about clothes they should buy to revamp their wardrobe, I often suggest starting with generally basic items.

Since my “Californiacation” phase, I've favored subtle standouts rather than full blinding neon outfits.  And at the end of the day, if I only had crazy loud clothes, everyone could keep tabs on the amount of times they've seen that piece.  Think of the diminished Instagram opportunities!  And let’s not pretend I’m the only one who thinks about that…

Basics can be worn in countless different ways, which allows you to have a good base for the pieces you buy in the future.  Basic, neutral items are fundamental to your style. Build on them to create a style for yourself that’s creative and unique… in a good way.

Until next time,