Things I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me: Socks Matter

 All socks from  Happy Socks

All socks from Happy Socks

You know what’s embarrassing?  Wearing dress pants, a nice blazer, dress shoes and off-white, ankle length athletic socks.  Now in the past, I’ve fallen victim to being too lazy to wash clothes; hence resorting to these socks for the wrong occasions.  Let’s make this the rule of thumb. If your socks are no longer white, if your foot print is clear on the bottom, or if your toe is poking out… throw them away. 

Socks provide simple outfits an unexpected pop of interest, and they can be as random or out there as you want.  So here’s the quick simple solution. Invest in dress socks.  Who cares about conventional patterns or colors, go for whatever you want.  Have fun, be random, and stop wearing white athletic socks with dress shoes.  It only worked for Michael Jackson (RIP).

Until next time