My 3 Go-To Outfits

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Getting dressed for work is often a STRUGGLE for me.  My issue, far too often, is that I wake up way too late, and my mental capacity to care about my appearance is little to none.  So to help alleviate this issue,  I established some go-to outfits to help me look good while exerting minimal energy putting them together.

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 Casual Friday-   Casual Friday outfits for men are often so misguided.  Some go too casual and others just wear what they've been wearing the whole week. The point of Casual Friday outfits are to look put-together without looking like you tried too hard. This outfit is classic, it's clean, and you can wear it almost anywhere.

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Chill Day-to-Night-  So when I don't know what to wear, I usually terrorize my whole closet.  After I've tried on half my closet, I resort back to the classic denim shirt and black jeans combo.  Everyone needs a denim shirt for those days when you don't feel like caring.  This outfit is stylish, takes zero to no effort to put together, and is great for class or for a night out.

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Something Slight-  There are some days when I want to go out and kill it, but the occasion doesn't really call for a full suit.  And that's when "Something Slight" comes in.  It's dressy, yet casual.  It's fashion forward, yet simplistic.  We all love those nights when you go out and people are like, "Wow, you look great" and you respond as if you didn't just spend all afternoon getting ready.  Now with this outfit, that can actually be the truth.  I know the game :)

This post has probably enabled some of you to continue to wake up late and leave yourself little time to adequately get ready.  Well at least you'll look better!