Life Insights: Comparison Is a Buzz-kill


I’ve really come to enjoy these few and far between life posts, though I am never sure who they resonate with other than me.  But to me, personal style is as much about how you carry yourself as the things that you choose to wear; hence why I think these brief moments of reflection and self-evaluation are important.   

I don’t know if it’s just me (and I’m assuming it’s not), but the only time I truly feel unhappy with where I’m at in life is when I look at someone else’s life and compare the two.  I feel as if I am constantly finding ways to peer into other people’s lives.  I have to see how happy and beautiful your life is on Instagram.  I get to see every update of your life on Facebook.  I see your culinary conquests on Pinterest, while empathizing with your struggles and your “song-lyric-subtweets” on Twitter.

Instead of utilizing these outlets as ways to feel connected, the channels often become overt reminders of what I am not doing; thus invalidating everything I AM doing.  So what is the solution? To be honest, I have no idea how to stop comparing myself to other people.  Sometimes I choose to “get off the grid” for a while. I say if every time you read a Facebook status, and a bad attitude emerges… take a break. 

I just want to remind all of us wandering 18-and-up somethings, that life looks dramatically different for everyone.  There is no life pattern that applies to everyone.  No plan that has proven to be universally applicable.

So rather than focusing on life’s shortcomings, craft a life for yourself that will bring you fulfillment, and celebrate with people who choose to do the same.

Thanks for reading,