Things I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me: Dress for the Occasion

 all items can be found at  Topman

all items can be found at Topman

Once I began embarking on my quest for better style, I got so excited to wear all my new clothes.  So I planned out waaay in advance what I would wear to upcoming events.  Don’t get me wrong, I think preparation is great, but I focused so heavily on what I wanted to wear that I neglected to think about what the occasions actually called for. 

For instance, my friend invited me to her birthday dinner.  It is generally understood that the person who’s birthday it is can wear whatever they want; and it can be as extravagant or understated as they want, because it is in fact their birthday.  As a guest, you should never top or be at the same level as that person.  I recently went shopping and decided there was no better time than the birthday dinner to wear the formal blazer and dress pants I just purchased.  Here’s the issue, my friends that I went with looked dressy-casual (think dark jeans, dressy shirts).  And like my friends, the people at the dinner were also dressy-casual.  And then there was me in my suit, while the birthday girl donned a neon birthday dress.

The restaurant, the context of the night, and what my friends had on should have indicated to me, “Hey Omari, you’re actually not going to the White House Correspondents Dinner, so you’re suit is actually unnecessary.” 

So use me as a learning opportunity.  If you have an event coming up, consider the context of the situation.  Who’s going to be there? What’s the intended vibe?  What’s the weather like? What time of day? I am not saying diminish your personal style for the sake of an event.  I am saying that rivaling the birthday girl for most over-dressed is embarrassing.  Especially when it’s not your birthday.

We live and learn friends… we live and learn.