3 Accessories Every Guy Should Have.

Accessories are kind of a grey area in terms of men’s style.  Depending on someone’s style preference, they could be excessively accessorized or opt for none at all.  But the thing is, wherever you land on the spectrum is fine, hence why it's a grey area; there are no rules.  To me accessories add the final touches that make your outfit look thought out and intentional.  So with the Holidays quickly approaching, I say why not ask for accessories?  The absolute worst is having someone pick out clothes for you and they don’t fit, aren't your style, or are just ugly.  Accessories allow the sweet, yet often misguided, loved one to get you something that’s specific and doesn’t fall into the previously mentioned categories.  Maybe I like this idea because I am a control freak, and I don’t like people shopping for me, but that issue is a post for another day. 

Side note- All of the items shown are things I want. And, with my birthday and Christmas coming up, what better way to spread the love, right? I’m kidding, unless you want to buy it.


Watches- Such a simple yet substantial staple.  Watches are timeless and efficient, and I don’t know of any style genre that blatantly rejects the wearing of a watch.  It’s one of those things that don’t require a long explanation.  Buy one because you’ll love it.

Sunglasses- I’ve probably written about sunglasses in every other post because I am obsessed.  I believe there is no limit to how many you can and should have.  If you convince yourself that all your sunglasses purchases are to ensure the quality of your eyes, the buyers remorse won’t hurt as bad.


Hats- My newest love.  As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I have a large head.  Having this large head size made wearing hats a self-conscious experience.  At almost 24, my care for what anyone thinks about my hats is rapidly declining, and I’ve begun to splurge. Beanies, Trilbies, and snap-backs; I just don’t feel like you can ever have too many.

Well I hope by getting to see some of my favorites, you've discovered some new wants of your own.

Thanks for reading,