My Go-To Fragrances


I’m sure this goes without saying; smelling great enhances how great you look.  Through years of trial and error, I’ve narrowed down my 3 go-to favorite fragrances.

1.  Adidas Fair Play- This is my wildcard favorite.  I was actually at a swap-meet and I was given the option of getting a free fragrance with whatever I had purchased.  No disrespect to the swap meet, but what I was not interested in was buying my cologne next to the outdoor massage booth.  I don’t know – it just doesn't necessarily connect for me.  But, I tried out a few and found this one, and was quickly hooked.  It’s light yet noticeable, and it’s super affordable.  Moral of the story, don’t ever count the swap meet out.

2.  Bath & Body Works – Paris Blue for Men- This is one of those subtle smells that people could confuse with your natural “just took a shower and I always smell this good” scents.  Only con for me is that it fades kind of quickly.

3.  Bleu de Chanel- I’ve written about this already in a previous post, but let me say this.  This is one of those scents that is just sexy.  I describe it as bold without being over-powering.  Definitely, my nighttime go-to.

To reiterate the obvious, I am not a fragrance connoisseur.  But these are my favorites, and trust me, they do not disappoint.

And with that,