10 things I'm thankful for.


[these are not placed in order of importance]

1.  Full-time employment-  For now, my days of ramen noodles and an empty gas tank are few and far between; and for that I am thankful.  

2. A core group of friends- Although it sucks when your group of friends gets smaller, the payoff comes when they become like family.

3. The BEST family- The McNeils are my favorite. The end.

4. Cookie Butter- It was a recent discovery, and I am in love.

5. My apartment- Though my neighbors smell extremely "unique" and wear white tank tops all year long, it's great having a place that's mine to come home to.

6. Chipotle, specifically Barbacoa- After years of being a chicken and steak fan, I have seen the light of shredded beef.  My life is forever changed.

7. Hulu+ & Netflix- They've been the big spoon to my little spoon, which probably shows how active my social life has been as of late. Upon reflecting on that statement, I sound extremely pathetic, and I don't care.

8. Grad School- Despite the crazy amount of reading, writing, and lectures, I value everything I've learned.  And, I can't wait to graduate!

9. My car, Maxwell- How I lived in California without a car for almost 5 years is beyond me. But now I have Maxwell, and all is right again.

10. THIS WEBSITE!-  Friends, this website was something I felt would be a cool outlet that could provide some tips for people and hopefully gain some readers.  It has been a little over 2 months and the amount of support has far passed any of my expectations. The fact that people find my style tips and crazy comments entertaining makes posting that much more exciting.  So to all of you who read, like, comment, or even just scroll through the pictures... thank you.