[almost] Post Grad Thoughts.


Guess what?! I graduate in 2 days!!!  

Getting a Master's degree was never in my life plan, and I'm still weirded out with myself for pursuing one. But I truly am proud of myself, and happy to be at the end of this leg of my academic journey. Coupled with the excitement, joy, and sense of accomplishment is the knowledge that change is coming.   

I've decided to detail some of the changes I will be making post-graduation.

1.  Sleep.  My only current romantic relationship is with me and my REM sleep, and for the past year and half, we've been "complicated".  I'm ready to put in the work to get back to 8+ hours again.

2. Gaining Hobbies.  Unless reading academic journals counts, I have none.

3. Reclaiming my Social Life. 5 hour class after an 8 hour work day leaves 0 hours for my social life... 

4. Diminishing my reliance on Netflix & Hulu. Outside of my previously mentioned romantic relationship, my 2 best friends are Netflix & Hulu... and that is sad.  I think they can be 4 and 5 on my friend's list, but I don't know, 1 and 2 just seems too high.

5. Leave town. I've gone from work to class back home, to work.  My gas tank has benefited from the lack of distance, my wandering soul has not. I can't wait to see how much fun life is outside of my 8 mile radius.

This is just a mini list if you will, because I thought detailing every change veered right on the edge of over-disclosure.  But thank you for reading and next time I post, I'll be Master Omari... I'm still working on how it flows, but there's a definite ring to it.

Until next time.

[almost] Master OM