cyber monday

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So, I am HUGE a fan of online shopping and today is the online shoppers dream.  So it's only right that on this Cyber Monday, I share some of my tips for getting the best deals while utilizing the least amount of energy.

1. Plan What You're Looking For Ahead of Time-  I need to implement this one for myself. I usually get swept up in the amount of deals that I end up considering waaaay more than I initially intended to buy.  Make a list.  It'll keep your bank account semi intact.

2. Look for Promo Codes- Promo or coupon codes are easy discounts that you'd be crazy not to use.  It takes no effort, you can find them all usually on  

3. Compare prices- If your item can be found on multiple sites, compare the prices (after shipping and promo codes) to see which is the better deal.  The WORST feeling is buying something and seeing it for cheaper a few minutes later.

4.  Know your sizes-  In the frenzy of online shopping, many people forget that when they buy a pair of pants, they should take into consideration what size the pants you want  are.  Before you press "submit and pay", make sure everything in your cart is in fact your size.

5. Be realistic-  Cyber Monday can be great for sales, but it can also be super disappointing.  Don't put your hopes too high and get mad when you can't find everything all of Christmas gifts or a new wardrobe.  I always say be emotionally ready for your favorite thing to be sold out because you waited a little too long. 

If you're looking for where to begin, click this link as a first stop. Hope this helps some aspiring online shoppers!  

Until next time.