thanks 2013.

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So I thought it would be fitting, in this last post before the New Year, to quickly reminiscence on some key things I've learned in 2013.  This one of those posts that is probably more beneficial for me than for anyone reading, BUT maybe it'll get you thinking about what you've gained from this year.  Or maybe you'll find this extremely beneficial, and in that case, ignore what I just said.

  1. It's great to be on your own lease! - I have moved over 6 times since I graduated from college, and I am tired of moving.  I was especially tired of moving because my sublease was over and it was time to go.  But now those things have changed, and I happily pay my rent every month. 
  2. Quality Over Quantity - It is so true that everyone can't be your friend, like they really just can't.  So I am learning to have a lot of awesomely great associate-friends and some deep friendships.
  3. I Love Grad School- First of all, my grad school grades are only rivaled by my Kindergarten grades.   More importantly, I've learned so much about my perspective, my abilities, and my strengths since beginning my program.  Now that I'm done, I am so happy to know I can sleep more, but it was definitely a great time.

Well, Happy New Year!! Hope your day is filled with toasts and dancing, or TV countdowns and sparkling cider :).

See you in 2014!


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