Omari's guide to asking for gifts.


This post might come off entitled, ungrateful, and possibly forward at certain points.  Apologies.

Now that that's out of the way, I am going to cut right to the chase.  Just about everyone loves receiving gifts for the Holidays. [Caution 1st World Problem Statement ahead]  What I do not look forward to is receiving terrible, but well-intentioned gifts.  After pretending be pleasantly shocked for Tommy Hilfiger socks and CD's I already owned, I've decided to craft a list of 3 criteria for how I ask for gifts so if asked what I want, I don't have to fake positive emotions.  Also, I am very expressive, so exclaiming how happy I was with a bitter scowl just never sold it.

1.  Steer Clear of Asking for Clothes-  Unless the person buying clothes for you knows your style, fit and wardrobe needs, I would say stay away.  There was one time that I received a sweater that I thought was so ugly that I was actually offended that someone thought it was perfect for me.  Them saying "I thought of you when I saw this", pushed that knife a little deeper.  Please save your loved ones from the stress of having to pick out the perfect sweater-vest for you and let them just get you a book or a watch.

2. Don't Just Ask for Gift Cards-  Here is the redemptive section of this post.  I love receiving gift cards.  I hate when people ask for just gift cards.  I say, be happy for the gift card if it comes, but allow people to feel like they've had the opportunity to make you feel great and thought about.  And think about it, who wants to see a Christmas tree with a whole bunch of small envelopes under it?  No thank you.  If that's the future, I'll stick with my Tommy socks and ugly sweaters.

3. Don't Ask For Hobby Related Gifts-  Ok, so my dad likes to golf.  In my lack of creativity, I decided the best thing to buy him every year was something golf related.  Great, right?  Negative.  With my limited budget, he ended up getting the downgraded version of what he already had every Christmas and birthday. To this day, I've seen probably 1 out of 8 gifts used for more than a day. And I'm assuming the one day use was to appease me. So I say unless you're asking for an exact item, steer clear from asking others to ad to your hobby collection.


I hope this list was helpful, and I hope you don't think less of me :)

Thanks for reading,


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