Getting Dressed 101


Style. Seemingly effortless, well tailored, and put together.  For most, these descriptors don’t really describe one’s personal relationship with their style.  I just don’t feel that giving style tips/opinions/perspectives/”trends to look out for” would have a point if we’re not all starting at the same place.  

Disclaimer: For those who feel they’re past this point, are future or current style icons or just don’t care, read at your own discretion. 

Fit. So let’s break it down, make sure your stuff fits.  The times of tall tees is long over, so let’s let ‘em go and move on to something that fits.  Let me also clarify, by fit I don’t mean we need to see your nips through your smedium polo, but fitted enough to where your shirt is not looking like a knee length dress.

Colors.  Friends, we were all gifted with skin tones. By having a brown complexion, I have a wide array of colors that I can wear, and that go well with my skin tone. There’s also some colors that don’t work.  For example, being a proud member of “the browns” you will never, I repeat, NEVER see me wearing a colored I have affectionately named, “milk chocolate brown”.  That is unless I want to look like a naked 6’ chocolate bar… I’m just truly am not a fan of the “my-face-matches-my-shirt” look. So the general idea is go for colors that contrast and compliment your skin tone, not match it. 

So if you’re fair skinned go for blues, greens, purples and stay away from soft yellow, pale pink, or peach… 

For the tanned, olive skinned friends your struggle is a little more unique. For some who are less tanned, I would say stay away with from yellow. For more tanned, I would say generally stay away from orange.

As stated before, to all my fellow brown skins generally avoid a brown that matches you and I generally avoid muted green too, but that could be a personal thing too.

Everyone can wear neutral colors, so black, white, grey, navy, (khaki is debatable) typically work for everyone.

Visual Interest. The rule for myself, unless I am trying to be the trailblazer for busier outfits, is don’t have too many points of visual interest. So if you have on red Converse and a crazy patterned shirt, tone it down with the pants. For me, I just don’t like to have my clothes competing for attention.

Apologies if this felt overly basic, but I want to make sure we start on the same page.  At the end of the day, getting dressed is personal expression and your ability to communicate via articles of clothing. So if you feel like going crazy and having your clothes scream to the world, then go for it. Confidence, honestly, can pull off almost anything. Have fun getting dressed just don’t let the fun turn into dress up… unless, in fact, that’s what you were going for.