teal jackets & gold chains.

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What is one to do when you have a teal blazer, a gold chain, and no where to go?  Photoshoot!  I fall in to the habit where every time I get paid, I feel that it is my right and responsibility to buy new clothes to affirm myself of the great job I just did for the past 2 weeks. I should note that I do this regardless of my actual job performance.  I realize this is a clear rationalization of impulsive behavior, but it's my money and I can do what I want.  

Anyways,  I found this BOMB teal blazer at H&M, and the rationalization that I mentioned earlier convinced me that everyone must have a teal blazer.  So the outfit I put together is a little situation I styled myself and I call it "Rugged Sophistication"! Tada!

 | Blazer/Jeans/Chain - H&M       Shirt - ASOS       Shoes - Hillsboro (bought from JackThreads)       Watch - Michael Kors |

Shot by- Miyuki Sarah

Styled by- Omari McNeil