Upgrade Your Off Days.

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So I know I this is a style blog and what’s expected is that I provide you with ways to always look your best.  But let's be real, we all have off days. And if your off days are anything like mine, they can be unnecessarily rough.  So I'm going to try and help us all figure out how to get it together, while keeping it comfortable.

It would be hard to expect anyone to be stunningly well dressed every single day.  So for that reason I have devised some "get-it-together" remedies that can make those trips to the grocery store, the gas station, or quick errand without looking like you were forced to run away from home with little to no time to prepare.

The key to what I call the "over it" look is the appearance of INTENTIONALITY. Your outfit needs to articulate that a deliberate and intentional choice was made to look like this.  So to put it frankly, if it looks like everything you're wearing is by mistake, go home and try again.


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My go-to is the "I just came from a great workout" look.  You put on some decent looking workout clothes, some running shoes and some sunglasses, and you're good to go. I have a large head so snapbacks don't really work for me, but if that's your thing, try it out.  This look is my favorite because when people see me, they assume I am active.  If you utilize this look often, and show no signs of any results, people will question your fake workout regimen… and I can't help you with that. My thought is people rarely criticize someone who looks like they're productive or on-the-go.  Think about it. Have you ever seen someone in (coordinating) gym clothes, and been like "wow, that person looks terrible,"?  

My second go to look is what I have classified as the “hipster lumberjack”.  On the days where I actually do have effort to put forth but still want to look like I didn’t care, I go for this.  Flannel, a beanie and some sunglasses, and there you have it, “hipster lumberjack”.

Last and the easiest is the simple T-shirt and jeans. It looks good, it's easy, and it's comfortable.  Not too much to say about it. It's an American classic so if you're going to  be around a lot of people I say just go for this.
Again, don't ever underestimate the power of sunglasses and/or a hat.  It upgrades everything you're wearing while hiding some long nights.

So friends, your “off days” no longer need to be terrible.  If you're tired of hearing questions like, "are you tired?" or "rough night?”… read this, take notes, and let's improve together.