How Old Is Too Old to Wild Out?

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So for any new readers,  I classify my blog as a life and style blog. Meaning, that I want to discuss parts of my life as well as my style.  With that, I have a dilemma.  

I am 23.  Just started my last semester of my Master's program, while working a full time job.  So to most, I’m relatively put together.  Those who know me well (or to any who’ve seen pictures [ feel free to refer to my Instagram] ), know I tend to dabble in the realm of ratchet.  By this, I mean I enjoy long nights of fun, spirits and festivities with friends. I support a good twerk (Miley, I'm still on the fence with you), and I think the “Morning After Recap” with friends is entertaining and often needed.  And who wants to recap "a chill night of board games and frozen yogurt"? Not me.

For context, I define “ratchet” similarly to the word “wretched” which is defined,




  1. (of a person) in a very unhappy or unfortunate state.

I would like to elaborate on this by saying, “if a person’s appearance or their behavior appears haphazard or unsettling, or if those same components appear unfortunate and makes me question your sanity, you’re ratchet. 

For the sake of transparency, sometimes when I’ve had some of those said spirits, I enjoy singing an off key tune, and I’m sure my mental state has been questioned a time or two.

Now, I think that in my twenties, where I have no one to be directly responsible for but myself, it is perfectly ok for me to "wild out" on occasions.  I put "wild out" in quotes because I have become increasingly boring, so the definition is gradually changing.  As of late, a glass of wine and falling asleep watching Netflix has become my reoccurring wild night.  Also please note that I said on occasions! If you're out of control every day, you my friend, have a problem.  I have, however, run into some people who would say I should leave wild behavior in college.  So I pose the question, at what point is occasional ratchet behavior too much?  Let me end by saying, I can almost guarantee that when I get my degree, I will be even wilder.

Sorry I’m not sorry :)