Jetset In Style.


Friends, friends, friends.  I am going to say this boldly, bluntly and directly.  Just because you’re going to be on a plane for however long, does not, I repeat, does not mean you need to look frumpy. I know that was a run on sentence, but it is important that we collectively understand that.  Business execs, celebrities, future lovers, whoever could be in the airport, and then there’s you in your old t-shirt and slippers.  Lets do better!

Call me misguided, but I have convinced myself that a potential big break is going to happen for me because of an airport interaction.  I wish I could give more context to how I got to that conclusion, but my support is essentially non-existent.  Regardless, I make sure that no matter how early or late my flight is, I don’t look terrible.  

Now let me make sure I’m clear. I’m not saying go find your best suit or ballgown and wear that. I'm just saying that you never know who you might see or could meet. You don’t want that initial interaction to happen in your make-shift pajamas.

Wear clothes that feel comfortable; keep it relaxed and casual while still giving the impression that you cared and did attempt to get dressed.  Also be mindful that TSA makes you take off all your layers, so keep the outfit pretty simple. To be fair, I understand that everyone has their go to oversized hoodie.  Go ahead and bring it, and just put it on once you get on the plane.  If you want to live the jetsetter’s life, you have to look the part, and trust me, your oversized sweatpants, hoodie and/or UGGs don’t look the part.

If that last statement came off especially harsh, think back to your last airport look. I'm assuming you were probably guilty of wearing 2 out of 3 of those items. 

Ok, I quit :)