lessons in layering.

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If there's anything my treacherous style in high school taught me, it was how to layer.  My hometown of Chicago, IL has, what I call "true to season" weather.  It is hot and humid in summer and it is the urban arctic tundra in the winter. 

When I put this look together, I let my Midwest layering sensibilities run free.  If you're also from the Midwest, you know that if you don't layer, you'll actually die.  To people who've only lived in climates with warm or mild weather year-round, this will sound like an exaggeration.  To everyone else, you know this is far too true.  I challenge you to go to Chicago with a peacoat and a regular long-sleeved shirt underneath during that Fall/Winter transition.  The struggle will be far too real for you, my friend. Far too real.

I feel like the "fashion blogger" thing for me to do would be to come up with some elaborate fashion-y way of explaining what I wore, but today I'll just give it to you straight.  I went to Cotton On and basically bought every color variation of these pants that they sold.  I probably wear these pants once a week, because they're like stylish sweatpants.  They're an affordable version of a similar style pant from Zanerobe that I discovered from isnathan on Instagram. I don't know, I guess I am just a sucker for some good ol' lounge clothes that are acceptable for going out. And what's more loungey than elastic ankles and waist ties? I'm sure you can actually think of a few things, but keep it to yourself. I don't want my credibility questioned.

  So enough with the explanations and my ramblings, here are some pics.

|  Blazer- second hand   Hooded Shirt/Pants- Cotton On    Shoes- ASOS   Bracelets- multiple sets from H&M  |


Shot by- Miyuki Sarah

Styled by- Omari McNeil