my favorite things : fall edition

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1.   Here's the thing, I've got bills, groceries, books and gas to pay for.  So there is no way I am going to use my hard earned coins on some Beats by Dre, regardless of how good they are.  I have come to the conclusion that since I am not an audio engineer, or a music producer, hearing every intricacy in a song is not my largest concern.  This is where my Urbanears headphones come in.  They're affordable, noise blocking, and you'll still end up hearing 98% of whats happening in the song.  Think about it, I'm sure, like me,  you're not an audio tech either, so take the Beats off your Amazon wish list and try these.

2. I have a large head.  This is a fact that I have been aware of most of my life.  It was made extremely clear when I purchased my first snapback.  I remember saving my money to buy a quilted Von Dutch hat on Ebay (barf). It came in the mail, I tried it on, and wallah... the circulation to my forehead was cutoff.  Before you talk about how tragic it was that I wanted this hat, it was 2003.  They were trendy, and you wished you had my red and black quilted hat.  All this to say, this scarred me from buying hats until recently.  I decided to not let the experience hold me back from this ASOS Trilby hat.  So to all my "big headed friends", if at first you don't succeed, try again... and buy a large.

3.  Ok, funny story.  So I discovered Bleu de Chanel from an old roommate.  He doesn't know that he was my introduction to this product but here's the story.  I basically used it every time I went out while he was out of town. This was about everyday for a month because it was the summer. It smells so good and I always got compliments on it.  So dear former roommate, sorry I stole your cologne, and thanks for inspiring this recommendation. 

4.  After I wrote my "Suited Up" post, I decided that it was imperative that I bought a colored suit.  This ASOS Burgundy slim suit basically begged me to buy it, and I willingly obliged.

5.  So I've put myself out there a few times on this post, so why not continue.  I've always wanted glasses, but I have good vision.  So I decided that wearing people's glasses with tore up prescriptions was stupid, and buying frames with clear lenses were a smarter bet.  So to all my 20/20's out there, lets not fake the funk anymore.  Why not keep our great vision and look great in our own glasses?  It's a win/win.

So that's my list and I hope you enjoyed it.  Please feel free to recommend things for me to try out and they could end up in my next favorite things post.

Thanks for reading,