Lessons from the Emmys.

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In light of the recent 2013 Emmys, I have decided to take on a new cause to address.  Now whether the fashions of the screen starlets were your favorite or you hated them, you were able to craft an opinion.  Even with the examples below; I doubt you'll love them all, but I'm sure you have an opinion... and then we move on to the men.

 (L) Ryan Sweeting & Kelly Cuoco // (M) Rob Marciano &  Rocsi Diaz // (R) Heidi Klum & Gunn   

(L) Ryan Sweeting & Kelly Cuoco // (M) Rob Marciano &

Rocsi Diaz // (R) Heidi Klum & Gunn


Can anyone guess what the outfit of choice for most of the men at the Emmys was? Anyone?  Oh right! A black suit or tux, with a white shirt and a black tie. Some opted for black on black, but the color scheme stayed primarily within that color scheme.  Men, I think it is time that we stop thinking of formal wear as a way to successfully fade behind a leading lady.  At this point, if a man wears a black suit that fits, some black shoes and his hair is brushed, he's considered “exceptionally dressed”.  Let me say, I love the look of classic black and white, and I think these guys look great.  But where’s the fun in wearing the same thing every time you have to get “dressed up”?  Why not try out black and white one time, and then try some gray or go bold with some colored suits?

I understand we are not all celebrities, but style is supposed to be expressive for everyone, not just women.  So here’s my point.  MEN, when you’re going out and you have to get dressed up, don't let your initial thought be, “what will get me the least amount of attention” or “how can I successfully fade into the background”.  If you’re trying to coordinate with your date, know that you outfit should attract some “oohs” and “ahh’s” too.  Wear a patterned tie or try a suede blazer.  Go for some noteworthy shoes.  Honestly, you can even have on some stylish socks and it still reads "fashion forward".

My motto when it comes to my fashion choices (and many aspects of life) is, “Be anything but basic.”

So here is my commitment.  If you’re in a room with me and we're at a dressy event, I am going to bring my A-game.  The room could be filled with women in ornate ball gowns, and I want you to know that I will do my best to KILL IT from head to toe. Leave the off-days for everyday mundane activities, not special occasions.

So we’re all in agreement.  The goal is no longer to play it safe.  It is to put your best foot forward so people know you're just as impressive as the person you’re with.  Gentlemen, let’s make these ladies work a little harder.

Style on my friends, style on.