A Case For Florals.


I don’t know when, and believe me I don’t know how, but florals are officially badass.  If you asked me 3 months ago, “Omari, what do you think about floral shirts?” I probably would’ve just responded by saying, “unless you’re hula dancing in Hawaii, they’re terrible”.  My have my feelings changed.

At this point, I’m mildly obsessed.  First of all, I have been on the hunt for an affordable, floral, short sleeved button up for weeks to no avail.  I recently purchased a floral tie from ASOS, that is easing the frustration.  But trust and believe, as soon as I get the perfect shirt, I am wearing it all year long; sun, rain, or snow.  

For all of the skeptics and non-believers in the floral department, listen to me.  Remember when wearing pink for men was so “metro-sexual” and “cutting edge”? Look at menswear now, you don’t even think twice when you see a guy in a pink shirt.  TRUST ME, this is the same situation, and I’d hate for you to be the one who waited too long to get in on the trend.  

And if none of the pictures above convince you, get ready to be a bandwagon fan, because that's what you're setting yourself up for. Just sayin'.

Until next time