what i would've worn to the golden globes

It's award season! Which means bring on all the black tuxes that look exactly the same.  Please check out my previous rant for my take on men's style at award shows.  But, for this post I am going to  go down another road.

 I'm hoping some day soon, I'll get to go to one of these award shows and when I show up, I will strive not to match every other man in attendance.  So taking into account that the Golden Globes has dinner and liquor flowin', I would save the three-piece suit for another occasion.  Here are my ideas outside of a black suit, white shirt, and black tie that are equally occasion-appropriate, but way less predictable. 

look 1.jpg

look 2.jpg

Honestly, I am just sitting here waiting for an invitation to one of these events, and I promise I will not disappoint.

Until next time,