winter blues

 Suit, T-shirt & Belt-  River Island  // Shoes-   ASOS  // Watch- Michael Kors

Suit, T-shirt & Belt- River Island //Shoes- ASOS //Watch- Michael Kors

Sometimes I get in these phases where I only gravitate towards buying clothes of a certain color.  Last fall, everything I bought was burgundy,  and before that I went through an all black phase; you get the point.  And well you guessed it, I am now in support of everything blue.  Maybe since I live in Southern California and no longer experience real winter, this is my way of showing some solidarity to people actually braving cold weather (I'm from Chicago, the cold is TERRIBLE. Anyone from there 100% understands).  Eh, maybe the reasoning is a stretch, but my affinity for blue clothes remains.  

Blue is one of those colors that is bold yet subtle enough to be seen as "pseudo-neutral".  So here's one way I'll be wearing my new favorite color.

Here's how I got to the place of needing a blue suit.  I was on Instagram, lurking on the favorites page because I am truly fascinated by the amount of cheerleaders, animals and unknown people I'm assuming are on a reality show make the page.  Then I saw this picture of a guy in a vibrant blue suit and then it became clear, I need a blue suit.  I understand, this purchase is not practical, but  in an instant, that picture made it a necessity for me.  

What can you gather from this story? Well first off, if you want to make the favorite page, you need to get on a reality show ASAP, and more importantly you should be a fan of blue.

Thank me later,