help me find a hobby.


As I've stated several times before, I am finally done with school forever... I think.   And with all this free-time I have not doing ridiculous amounts of reading and papers, I have found myself with a lot more downtime.  So now it's time to fill that downtime, and I was thinking instead of figuring this out by myself, why not let you help me? I'm open to additional suggestions. 

Let me preface by saying my ideas are all over the place and have no clear common thread, so if you're looking for cohesion, this may not be the post for you.

1.  Cooking Classes- So I've recently moved to a new place with a kitchen that is ready to be cooked in.  The thing is I have no innate desire to be a chef or to cook, but maybe it's time I put my big-boy pants on and learn how to cook more than scrambled eggs and baked chicken.  '

2. Yoga-  Every time I've gone to a yoga class, I've leave feeling like I had a great nap, the best massage, and some potential abs -- and I'm about all of those things.  I also hate the gym, so if I can find a way to further minimize my time there, I am down to try it.

3.  DJ Classes-  Ok before you judge, hear me out.  I think because I've seen so many celebrities become DJs, I've convinced myself that I too can learn how to do it. Picture me in a perfectly fitting suit in a DJ booth killing it -- I don't know about you, but I can definitely see it.

If I was good at these three things, I think I'd be pretty cool. So we'll see if I'm all about this list in a month, but for now I am striving to be a world class DJ-chef-yoga master.