is it just me? oversized fashion

Guess what time it is?  Time for another "is it just me" post.  So for today, I am going legitimize my new affinity towards oversized fashion items, specifically longline shirts.  My initial draw to this trend is the fact that oversized clothes are the most comfortable, and any excuse to feel like I have on pajamas is a good enough reason for me.  Then one day, I just envisioned an all black outfit with an longline shirt, and I now I'm sold.

 All looks are from

All looks are from

Now this is a trend that I know won't work for everyone, especially because it can distort some body types.  Also, I'm not sure if this is a trend I'll be able to wear for a long time, but I think everyone model in the picture looks effortlessly cool -- and what's not to love about that?

So help me out. Is this a cool trend to try out, or should leave the oversized clothes for bedtime?

Until next time,