my current top 5 | fallin'


Sometimes I don't really feel like discussing style -- like today.  So instead, I've decided to give my current playlist of songs I've been wearing OUT lately.  [Side note] If you're all about a cohesive list of songs that flow from one to the next, this is not necessarily that list - my musical taste is a little more haphazard.  Also if you click on the song title, it'll take you to a music video or lyric video of the song.

Everyday Robots - Damon Albarn

I'm Not The Only One - Sam Smith

F*** It All - Elle Varner

So Close - Kidnap Kid

Child's Play - SZA ft. Chance the Rapper


[click for the Spotify link]

A moodier list today, but it's Fall so it works.  Be on the look out for future music posts from me, just to break up the constant flood of style posts.  Lastly, if you have songs you think I should get into, send them to me here!

Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading.