how to make sweats stylish.

The holidays are here, which means bring on the big meals. Now I don't know about you, but my goal for the holidays is to go home, eat too much, and exert as little energy as possible.  So naturally, I would 100% prefer to keep it pretty relaxed in terms of what I want to wear.  The reality is I'll be having family and friends over, so I can't look like I just woke up, but I want to feel completely comfortable. The solution?  SWEATS.

DISCLAIMER: I wouldn't recommend this trend if your holidays consists of fancier get-togethers.  This is for the simpler functions.

Sweats no longer have to look sloppy or like workout clothes, but you can wear sweats while remaining stylish and put together.  So take this as my permission for you to rock some stylish sweats while you stuff your face with food.  

Until next time,