cold weather essentials


Cold weather is not an excuse to let go of your style.  I repeat, cold weather is not an excuse to let go of your style!  Now please know that I understand the dilemma.  When it's cold outside, and comfort is the goal, it's easy to opt for your bubble coat and sweats.  My suggestion -- give the bubble coat away and start over.

So here are my go-to cold weather items.  This year and every year, I want to strive for practical, comfortable and fashionable.  I mean do you really want to be that guy in the tailored suit, and a bubble coat.  I'm sure at this point my disdain for bubble coats is blatantly clear, but have you seen them.  They're the worst.

Do you have any picks that you think I should try out? Let me know in the comments below, or by messaging me and maybe they'll end up in a future post or video!

Until next time!