splurge or save.


If you're living like me, you don't have unlimited money to buy expensive clothes every week without not paying your rent and eating a strict diet of ramen noodles.  For this reason, I think it's important to know what you should splurge on style-wise and what you could spend less money on. These are all from my own experience, so I understand if anyone has differing opinions with some of my picks.

 All Items can be found at  Topman 

All Items can be found at Topman 


Leather Jackets-  So until recently, I was an avid pleather wearer.  The thing with these great looking pleather situations is they do rip and quickly deteriorate, where as a real leather jacket could last you years.  My rationale is that the one lump sum you'll pay for the real thing will eventually be cheaper than paying for frequent replacements of the more inexpensive option.

Dress Shoes-  When I say splurge for dress shoes, I am not talking about multiple hundreds of dollars for each shoe.  But for me, I wear dress shoes every day to work, and it sucks to look down and notice that your old faithfuls are breaking down.  In my experience, the nicer the shoe, the better the quality, and ultimately less impending disappointment.

Watches-   I think everyone should have 2-4 go-to watches that work with your wardrobe.  Since the amount of watches you need is low and the amount of times you'll wear them could potentially be everyday... I say splurge!  They should last you years and if they're classic pieces, decades.  So why not invest.


Jeans-  This is one of those areas that I completely understand if people disagree.  In my experience, we are all searching for a brand of jeans that fits us correctly, and for many, designer brands do that.  For me, not so much.  So I stick to the rivers and the lakes that I'm used to (name that reference) and keep it affordable.  My go-to as of late has been 20 Jeans.

Sunglasses-  I am an advocate for few designer glasses and a bunch of inexpensive alternatives.  I like to try out different styles of sunglasses and paying $200 every time I want to try something new will not work for me.  So I have my go-to Ray-Ban aviators and at least 5 pairs of great sunglasses that are much cheaper.

Suits-  Yes you read correctly, I said suits. This is my philosophy.  At 24, I am not wearing suits everyday or even every month.  So if I could get 3 decent suits for $600-$700 rather than spending that on 1 designer suit, I call it a major win.  When it comes to looking great in a suit, I believe it's mostly about fit.  So I say, get a good suit for $250.00 and get it tailored to fit you perfectly.  Me and my $250 suit can give any $1000 suit a real run for its money.  It also lets you have more fun with your formal-wear without feeling like you've spent your whole check on a single purchase.

I hope you found this helpful and again, this is what works for me.  I would love to know what you would add to these categories.  Feel free to comment or message me with some suggestions.

So until next time,