5 things to do on the 14th of February.


So tomorrow's Valentine's day, and let me start by saying this will not be a "I Hate Love" post.  But, I would like to add some ideas for all of those who are leaning towards sulking and resenting everyone who is out being in love.  These are my 5 fun things to do on the 14th of February.

1.  Binge watch House of Cards - If you have Netflix and want to watch a show that makes you even more skeptical and scared of the government, watch this.  And lucky you, season 2 will be released on February 14th.  Nothing says true love like corruption, infidelity, and political power.

2. File your taxes - Maybe this year, instead of spending money on your epic date, make your money back but filing your taxes.  Put that return in your savings account, and you'll definitely be ready for next year.

3. Online Shop - Although you might feel left out of the romance, at least you can use some Valentines Day AND Presidents Day promo codes for new stuff! Sounds like a win to me.

4. Throw a party with your friends - Sometimes the best way to escape reality is to invite friends over and just eat, drink, and be merry.  I don't want to say misery loves company.... but misery loves company.

5. Pizza & Alcohol  - When all else fails, order a pizza, buy some drank, consume it all and go to sleep.

This list is boredom and depression proof.  I'm glad I can be a resource :)

Until next time,