navigating a trend.


I will be the first to say, I love a good trend.  I am currently writing this wearing a leather motorcycle jacket, a floral shirt, and drawstring pants -- all very trendy clothing items.  Now, before you run out and buy every color of your favorite trendy pants (don't judge because it happens),  check out these quick steps on how I participate in a trend without becoming obsessed.

1.  Decide What Works for You -  Every trend is not for everybody.  So it is up to you see the trend and ask yourself, "will this look good on me?" and "will I feel confident wearing this?".  THE WORST is seeing someone in something that doesn't work for them AND they're not confident in. 

2.  Buy In Moderation -  So as I referenced before, I have a tendency to like something and buy it in every color (ie. jogger pants -- or chinos with tapered legs and a drawstring).  I found a pair I liked, and like a crazy person, bought every color.  Fast forward to today, I wear 2 that I bought, and I question my judgement every time I see them all hanging in my closet.  So my advice is to start slow.  Buy one maybe two and then chill out for a while.   

3. Personalize It -  People who win at wearing trends are the ones who have great style to begin with and seamlessly weave it into their existing wardrobe.  It's really expensive and time consuming to change your whole style every time something new becomes popular, so look for things that work great with existing pieces.  

4. Keep It Cheap -  Unless you have fallen head over heels in love with something and you know you'll wear it for years to come, DO NOT SPLURGE.  If a trend picks up, you will find it in every discounted fashion store.  And there's no point in paying top dollar for something you could get for a fraction of the price and similar quality.  

You will encounter a new set of trends every time you shop.  So to avoid looking like you shopped at the same store as every other young adult, stay true to your personal style.  Let me beat the dead horse by saying, every trend is not for everybody. So if something just won't work, let it stay right on that rack.  

Until next time,