help me find a hobby | 1st update.


So it's almost been a month since I've embarked on my quest to find extra activities outside of taking naps and coming up with legitimate reasons for why I can't work out. I thought it would be good to update you on how I've progressed in my search for the perfect hobbies so far.

1.  Cooking-wise, I am a Crock-pot, Pinteresting master!  Who knew you could dump stuff in a bowl, turn it on low, go to work and have a full meal when you get home?!  I didn't, and I am all about this stress free culinary venture.  Aside from my crazy slow cooker skills, I have tried to actually cook a little more, which has also been successful.  I've realized that my ambitiousness and excitement for cooking classes (click here if you haven't read the original post) has dwindled because I have a hard time committing to hobbies that eat up your whole paycheck.  So for now, I'll continue finding low maintenance, crock pot meals.  Baby steps.

2. Ok I have to admit,  I am not a yoga master yet.  But I have purchased a mat and some cool, celebrity approved yoga clothes.  I know that my amateur experience level needs to be compensated for in some way, so I've chosen to dress the part.  My process of finding the perfect things to wear was googling "yoga clothes celebrity", and here I am, a celebrity-style-copying-amateur-yoga-enthusiast.  Needless to say, my outfits are ready to go; my skills, not so much.  Again, baby steps.

3. So, I think I've decided that an IPad DJ will probably be the extent of my skills.  Here's the thing, these DJ classes are the equivalent to my rent checks, and putting my Itunes on shuffle and skipping the songs I don't want is essentially DJing right? (no disrespect to real DJs, I just know my limits).  Maybe I'll just go to the club and request a lot of songs that I would've added in my own set, so people get my music taste with someone else's skill set.  It could work. 

I don't know, we'll see where I'm at in the next update.

Thanks for reading.