my guide to making your best first impression.

And just like that, it's already February.  Which means welcome to the month devoted to love and/or the pursuit of it.  So with all these dates you're going to be on, you're going to need some outfits that will make a great first impression and not take too much stress or thought to pick out.  I'm thinking you want the focus on the connection between you and your date, and not how stuffy and uncomfortable you feel. Let me help you.

I have some rules when making an intentional first impression.

Rule #1- Keep it simple- I am a person who likes to keep people guessing what I'm going to do or come up with next.  So I usually don't pull out all of the stops initially.  Quite frankly, it would suck to kill it the first time, and every time after the look is lackluster.  Start off  polished and simple so you have somewhere to go later on.

 Cardigan, Oxford, Socks & Jeans-  21Men   Boots & Belt-  ALDO

Cardigan, Oxford, Socks & Jeans- 21Men

Boots & Belt- ALDO

Rule #2- Dress Like You- If you don't wear bright colored jeans and beanies, don't pick a first date as your time to experiment.  Even if you think your style needs improvement, there's no need to abandon all of your preferences.  I think people get so worried about looking put together that they become self-conscious and start trying to emulate people who are seemingly more "together" than they are.  I say let that go, and be yourself in every aspect; starting with how you dress.  

 Shirt, Jeans, Belt & Shoes-  Topman   Hat-  ASOS

Shirt, Jeans, Belt & Shoes- Topman


Rule #3- Have Fun & Don't Take Yourself Too Seriously-  You know what I think, I think people put too much pressure on themselves to make sure everything is just right.  If you want to wear your fun shirt or crazy socks, I say why not.  Let me break it to you, whenever you want to look perfect, it hardly ever works out like that.  You're probably going to break out, or your favorite shirt will probably have random hole. Let me assure you, it'll be fine.  Wear what makes you feel happy and confident regardless of what "rules" it breaks.

 Tee, Jeans, Shoes, Socks & Belt-  Topman   Cardigan- 21Men

Tee, Jeans, Shoes, Socks & Belt- Topman

Cardigan- 21Men

I hope it was conveyed that your first impression is so much more about you than your outfit choices.  But my job is to help you kill the outfit so you can focus on the personal aspect.  What you're wearing can alter your mood for better or for worst, and these rules have helped me look great without over-thinking it.  So dress great, feel great, meet new people, have fun and make the best first impressions.