gift guide: what to get him for valentines day.


Men are hard to shop for, and random holidays like Valentines Day make it even harder to find the right thing without coming off cliche.  I think for Valentines Day, going with gifts that are practical yet sentimental is the way to go. And for all of us singles out there, be your own valentine and feel free to treat yourself. 

1. Emeli Studio Leather Journal , $38.00

Everyone needs a good note pad.  Whether for taking notes at work or jotting down a quick thought on-the-go, this is a practical yet stylish solution.

2. Cologne

Think about it, every time he puts it on he remembers you bought it and the great times you shared on Valentines day.  Feel free to check out my recommendations and enlighten me on some new, great scents.

3.  Michael Kors Lexington Watch , $275.00

Basically this is on the list because I want it.  I am convinced that a gold watch just makes everyone's life better, and isn't that the point of a gift.  I have no factual ground to support this case but trust me on this one.

4. The Tie Bar Gent Plaid, $15.00

If you don't know this guy super well and you want to get him a gift that takes effort without taking your whole bank account, stick with a nice tie or bow tie.  Or if he just needs a little style boost, here's a good way to go.

5. Steel Petal Press Valentines Card, $4.50

Sometimes it's better to avoid the gimmicks and just give a quality card and some kind words.  Ditch the dollar card section and go for this.

Well these our my picks and I am sure there's millions of other great ideas out there.  I love finding new things to buy that I don't need, so feel free to let me know of your ideas.  As always, thanks for reading, and I hope this makes the last minute gift search a little easier.