my take on grunge.

I don't know what it is about this week, but I've had no energy to care about what I'm wearing.  Thankfully, grunge is a real style, and I've embraced it whole-heartedly.   When it comes to taking on iconic trends, I try my best to make everything look like an adaptation of how I normally dress, rather than looking like I copied everything from someone else.  I also wear a size twelve shoe and I'm relatively thin -- meaning Doc Martens will make my feet look like cruise ships attached to number 2 pencils, which are additional reasons why my look isn't diving into grunge, but taking a quick dip. 

 Sweater-  H&M   Jeans, Hat, Socks, & Boots-  Topman    Sunglasses-  RayBan

Sweater- H&M

Jeans, Hat, Socks, & Boots- Topman

 Sunglasses- RayBan

I think I'll call this look "Showered Grunge".  This can be another go-to "I-don't-care" outfit, and if you still find your self still not caring next week, refer to Upgrade Your Off Days for additional ways to make your minimal effort looks work.

Thanks for reading!