help me find a hobby | 2nd update

Happy Monday friends.  I think it's about time for another hobby update.  If you need to catch up, please refer to Help Me Find A Hobby & The 1st Update to understand the journey thus far.  I am going to start this update by saying, most of my initial interests have changed a bit.

1.  Let me tell you something, when you have free time, you have few excuses for not cooking.  I think I've passed the novelty phase of searching for the best meals on Pinterest, and I've moved on to eating what's good in my fridge.  Boring update, I know, but at least I didn't quit.  Also, the better I eat, the less incentive I feel to work out -- and I'm all about that. Cooking for the win.

2.  So I think I'm canceling my gym membership which provides yoga classes, but before you think I've failed, hear me out.  I started researching different types of yoga, picked my favorite types, and then wandered over to Youtube.  Let me tell you, these 45 minute videos KILL ME -- they're so good.  I know the appeal of the classes is to have a community of yogis who support you, and an instructor that helps you do the poses correctly.  Personally, I'll talk solitude and relaxation over community and over-crowding.  I get the class thing, but it's just not for me.

3. Lastly, DJ classes are out. So in the absence of my cool DJ idea, I've referred back to a more realistic hobby of traveling.  I've wanted to travel overseas for a while, so I've put all the money saved for DJ classes and put it towards some traveling opportunities.  Hopefully this will result in some unforgettable life experiences and some great new content for this site, and I can just befriend a DJ and spin in a club in Paris for a night -- that should kick the urge.  A man can dream, right?

This will be the last installment of Help Me Find A Hobby for a while, but thanks for checking in for the updates.  I just want all my hobby-less reader to know that I get the struggle.  Hobbies can be expensive and sometimes after a long day of work, I'm too tired to try something new.  At the end of the day, hobbies make for well-rounded, interesting people.  So try some new things because no one has to have a boring life.  

Until next time,