summer trends that I am in support of.

 1.   21Men            2.   21Men             3.   Topman           4.   21Men         5.   21Men    *all links should take you to the exact or similar item.

1. 21Men          2. 21Men           3. Topman         4. 21Men       5. 21Men

*all links should take you to the exact or similar item.

1. Shirts with Produce -  After we get over the fact that these shirts don't make sense,  you'll see they're pretty get.  Summer is the perfect time for nonsensical, fun fashion.

2. Graphic Tanks - Now I am not a big fan of graphic tees ever, but I do like theses all-over screen printed tanks.  As you will see, in the summer, I am in full support of abandoning my conventional style rules.  It's summer, live a little.

3.  Plaid -  Plaid is good all the time.  Typically a fall/winter staple trend -- but I'm hear to tell you friends, a change has come.  So pull out the plaid, because it's here to stay year-round.

4. Floral Everything - Now my love for floral is nothing new, but now stores have to decided to follow suit.  Hawaiian florals, grandma florals --they're all great when worn right.

5. Tribal Patterns - I think this trend is a great way to wear a patterns without it feeling too intimidated.  The pattern is simple, but still graphic and fun. I'm definitely a fan.

As you can see, my summer style leans towards the bolder the better.  I am excited for sunny days, warm nights, concerts, road trips, travelling --- I could really keep going, but that would be boring.

So, until next time,