my favorite things : style bloggers

As much as I would like to take credit for being my own style inspiration, I can't because that would, in fact, be a lie.  So when thinking about some good things to highlight I thought it would be cool to let everyone know who's blogs I follow and where I draw inspiration.

1.  Andreas Wijk // -- Andreas is a fashion blogger from Sweden.  I've followed this blog for a while because his style sense is bold and adventurous, yet streamline and tailored.  I just like watching people take unapologetic fashion risks.  I also wish I could jetset to the beautiful countries he visits.  Hey Andreas, if you have an extra ticket... I'm just saying.

2.  Kenza Zouiten // --  I think it's important that as a stylish guy, you are at least aware of what's happening in women's fashion.  Often times, things happening in women's wear will have a male equivalent in the near future.  So it's an easy way to trend-spot and be in the know of whats fashionable.  All that to say, Kenza is my resource for current, cutting edge fashion.  She gets it right every time style-wise and her life just seems so fun.  My offer stands as well -- if you just want to hook this guy up with a ticket for a quick trip, I won't complain.  I'm playin', unless you're not :)


3. The Covetuer // --  The Coveteur just exudes cool.  It consists of cool people, wearing cool clothes, living in cool houses, being cool.  I can read it and get fashion and home styling tips.  It's one of those sites that you can easily get caught up in for a long time.

Think about it -- if you gravitate towards wearing the same thing, the same way that you've always worn it, fashion and style will quickly become boring topics .  I say when you're feeling like you hate everything in your closet and you need a boost of inspiration, find a blog. 

Until next time,