my favorite things : go-to online shopping sites

Well, here we are again, and I am excited to share some more of my favorites with you.  I am an online shopping fanatic -- I would say half of my closet is courtesy of online shopping.  I know buying clothes online is a little intimidating for some, so I thought it would be helpful to let you know some of my go-to online shopping websites.

1. ASOS -- First and foremost, I am an ASOS junkie.  It's like a stylish online department store with far too many clothes that I like.  I have purchased everything on here from onesies to tailored suits, and I'm happy with it all.  Definitely one of my top favorites.

2. Topman -- If you want trendy, well-made pieces, this is a great place.  I love the brand, and I especially like the website because of the huge selection that offer, and don't always have in store.  

3. River Island -- Love this site.  This is my go-to for my bolder pieces.  River Island has cool patterns and bright colors -- which makes this a great resource for cool trendy items.

4. EBAY!! -- Listen to me friends.  You will be amazed at the amount of things you can find on Ebay that you can also find in your favorite stores.  Why spend $15 when you can spend $1.50?  I'm telling you, give it a chance and you will not be upset.

And there you have it -- some of my consistent go-tos.  If you're still worried about online shopping, check out my Cyber Monday post, all about the dos and don'ts of online shopping.  

Thanks for reading and until next time,