is it just me? denim on denim

Sometimes when a trend emerges or re-emerges, it gets made to seem extremely over-complicated and difficult to pull-off.  I believe one such trend is denim on denim.  Now, when I first saw this trend gain momentum, it felt a little too "ode to the 80s" for me.  I just kept envisioning an outfit with acid wash jeans and a classic blue jean jacket, and I just couldn't do it.  But I was shown the light, and I think it can really be a cool trend when done well.

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The classic, least intimidating way to wear double denim is  to pair a blue denim shirt with black jeans.  You get the illusion of it being different fabrics while technically still participating in the trend.

But I want us to get even riskier -- ie. blue jeans with blue jeans.  In my opinion, it's all about contrast.  I think if you pair a dark blue denim with a light blue denim, and break it up with a neutral color (black, white, brown, etc.), it looks great.   Also, since I've worn this outfit, I would hate to think I was so confidentially off the mark.  

So help me out, is it just me, or should I leave the double denim in the past?

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