May favorites.


And just like that, May is over.  So I wanted to detail some of my favorite things (old and new) from this month.

1.  Ray-Ban Aviators -  I've had these old faithfuls for a while now, but they keep showing up when I need them to.  I have become a true Southern Californian in the sense that if I am outside, between the hours of 7am and 7pm, I will probably have sunglasses on -- and these are my go-tos

2.  Crevo Brogue Boots -  I saw these on Jack Threads a few months ago, but my size was already out-of-stock.  I then proceeded to stalk every shoe website, to no avail.  Fast-forward to last week, I was randomly browsing Ebay, and what did I see?! You guessed it -- these boots, brand new and significantly cheaper.  Ebay for the win!

3. Selected Shirt w/ Rose Print - Ok.  It is safe to say, I do have a problem.  I am far too into Grandma floral shirts.  I think this will be my last one for a while (no promises), but this one was too good to pass up.

4. SZA // See.SZA.Run -  I am pretty sure this is the first musical recommendation on my site, and this EP is well worth the shout out.  SZA is the confusingly perfect blend of Ambient Alternative and R&B (just listen, and you'll get it).  I am sure my neighbors are sick of hearing me blast this, but I don't care.  Perfect chilled-out-summer-vibe-music.

Do you have any favorites you think I should try?  Send me your suggestions by emailing me via my contact page or comment below.  

And with that,