my perfect lazy day.

 *Sweats from Forever 21

*Sweats from Forever 21

One of the hardest changes to accept when getting older is that you no longer get a summer vacation.  To compensate for my 3 month vacation being taken away, I've created mandatory lazy days.  Let me tell you, I am a phenomenal "chiller" - like I am a pro at doing nothing.   

I believe it is my civic duty to help my lovely, but anxiety-ridden readers learn to chill out.  So with that, these are my lazy day essentials. 

1. Sweats are a must, regardless of the time-of year.  This is not debatable.

2. A chill day is not complete without a quality "chill-ax soundtrack".  Damon Albarn's Everyday Robots has been a favorite of mine for a few weeks now.  He's the lead singer from the Gorillaz -- but his solo sound is mellow, slightly soulful, ambient, yet rhythmic -- I don't know how it works, but it does and I love it.   And, if you have not heard of Sam Smith, you have been deprived and I am sorry.  His EP is great. His album is great.  Trust me, you'll be changed for the better.

3. Orange Is The New Black Season 2 comes out June 6th -- need I say more?  And, I will admit I was slow to the Game of Thrones bandwagon for reasons outside of my control -- ie. I didn't have an HBO GO password to use.  But, things have changed and I am ready to join the bandwagon. Starting with binge watching the seasons.

4.  No chill day is proper or complete without the right food and drinks.  You see the pictures, and I know you understand.  

I know, I know -- this is the best list you've ever seen right?  Well thank you for your kind regards.  I just decided that my summer vacation won't be ripped from me and I just accept that.  So you can thank my rebellious spirit and an innate fear of adulthood for this post.   

Hope you enjoy,