slip-on sneakers are cool again

 All shoes are  from  Vans

All shoes are  from Vans

So I first started wearing slip-on sneakers in high school.   When I got older, I let go of these shoes with all of the other terrible fashion items I had in high school.  I think since slip-on sneakers are skating shoes, they're thought exclusively as a grunge style staple. But friends, I have seen the light, and I am ready to give these shoes another go-around because I think they're more than that.

 Shirt, Jeans, & Accessories -  Topman   Shoes -  Vans

Shirt, Jeans, & Accessories - Topman

Shoes - Vans

I am all about pairing these sneakers with simple black and white outfits -- to keep it tailored and relaxed.  So without going on forever and ever, these shoes are great.  They're no longer just for skaters.  They're a perfect summer staple.  My name is Omari and I endorse this trend.

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