is it just me? short suits

You know when you look at someone's outfit and you ask, "where are they going?" Every time I see someone in a short suit, I have to ask that question.  Is this a work outfit?  Are you going on a yacht? Tea?  I really have no idea where someone would be wearing this to outside of a fashion event.  But despite my confusion around the point of this outfit,  I still kind of like it.  To me it seems innately rebellious and fashion-forward, which are both appealing to me.

 1. Model for     Ausländer Spring/Summer  2013  2.  Fashion Director & Style Star   Nick Wooster   3. Unknown stylish individual

1. Model for  Ausländer Spring/Summer 2013

2. Fashion Director & Style Star Nick Wooster

3. Unknown stylish individual

I'm assuming people will be pretty split in their feelings toward this style choice, but the more I analyze it the more I'm interested.  So I need you to do two things for me.  First, please let me know what social setting is perfect for a short suit?  And secondly, is this an outfit I should try out, or should I leave it for someone else?

Help me out friends!