sunnny days & alley-ways


Shot by Mia McNeil

|  Henley & Socks - Forever21  Jeans - 20Jeans (similar)  Shoes -Crevo Sunglasses- Ray-Ban  |

You know when you get something new, and you like it so much that you make every occasion an excuse to wear it?  That is my relationship with these boots.  So naturally, this love needed to be documented  -- and thanks to my sister and her camera, I could do that. 

This is outfit is one of those "Keep It Simple" moments.  Nothing is too flashy.  Everything is neutral, but it still doesn't feel bland.  It's a good way to look nice and put together, without having to work too hard.  Remember simple does not have to equal boring.

So to recap today's lesson -- if you love the boots, wear them often, regardless of seasonal appropriate-ness.  And, if fashion and style intimidate you, stick to the basics and keep it simple.

And with that,