June favorites.


 I have been travelling pretty regularly over the past few weeks and here are a few things that I've been all about throughout the craziness.

Eucalyptus Spearmint Pillow MistThere are few better feelings than coming home from a long trip to a clean room.  To take that satisfaction to the next level, spray your pillows with this pillow mist, and trust me, your life will be changed.

D.L & Co Skull Candle-  What's there to say, it's a metallic skull candle. I think that's pretty cool right?  It added some needed stylish edge to my room.  

Classic Faux Leather Oxfords in Turquoise  All I can say is thank you Forever 21!  Sometime you strike gold at F21, and I think this could be one of those times.  Definitely a favorite.

Continuum by John Mayer- This is one of my all-time favorite albums ever.  Perfect chill vibes for the summer.  I think this came out when I was in high school, and I still listen to it in full every few weeks.  

Any suggestions of products to try out? Music I should listen to?  Clothes to buy? Send me your suggestions via my contact page or comment below.

Until next time,